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Get Assistance with Rental Property Management Near Pomona, CA and the Surrounding Areas

No property owner wants to have to harass their tenants for payments. Make rent collection quick and easy by getting services from Sun Stone Property Management. We offer a range of rental property management services to Pomona, CA—including rent collection. Our team has extensive knowledge of the industry, and as such is prepared to help you set up a rent collection system that is efficient, simple, and secure.

Set up a Secure, Simple Rent Collection System

We use technology in order to make rent collection as simple as possible. We’ll set up a payment portal for tenants, where they can pay their rent quickly and easily. This payment is then distributed to you in a timely fashion, with no effort on your part. This payment method is quick, efficient, and means that you have to worry less about making sure you receive the money you’re owed.

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