Need to Evict a Tenant? Work with a Top Rental Management Company Near Pomona, CA and the Surrounding Areas

Evicting a tenant can be a difficult, frustrating process. Sun Stone Property Management understands just how stressful it can be, and as such offers eviction services for rental properties near Pomona, CA. We have a thorough understanding of how evictions work, and so can successfully guide you through the process. 

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Generally speaking, we try to minimize evictions; in fact, about 90% of tenants pay rent on time, both due to our solid rent collection system and our thorough tenant screening. For the 10% that don’t, however, we’ll work with property owners to figure out a solution or evict the individual. When you have a delinquent tenant, we’ll provide them with a three day notice. If the tenant doesn’t communicate, then we’ll file the eviction and assist you with the following court case. It is our goal to make sure you have the assistance that you need—even in difficult cases like this.

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