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Sun Stone Property Management: Providing Outstanding Property Management Service to Pomona, CA and the Surrounding Areas

If you own an apartment complex or other rental property, then you likely understand just how much time and effort goes into managing it. It can be stressful, time-consuming, and even difficult, depending on what needs to be done. Sun Stone Property Management is a company that can help you manage your rental property in Pomona, CA or the surrounding areas. It is our goal to make your life less stressful, and to help make sure you have an efficient system for property management in place. We have a thorough understanding of the local rental market and all laws involved; as such, we’re prepared to help you with a wide variety of needs, including evictions, rent collection, and more. Our team offers outstanding customer service, upfront pricing, and unmatched assistance.
Why Should I call Sun Stone Property Management?

Helping with Tenant Screening, Rent Collection, and More

Sun Stone Property Management is committed to providing you with outstanding service. We can assist you by: 

  • Providing Tenant Screening: When renting a property, you always run the risk of having less-than-stellar applicants. In order to protect you, we can provide you with thorough tenant screening services. 
  • Handling Rent Collection: Stream-line rent collection with modern technology. We can set up your new system and handle the hard parts of collecting rent in order to make your life easier. 
  • Evicting Delinquent Tenants: Evicting tenants can be a difficult and stressful process. If it needs to be done, then we’ll assist you, using a team of qualified lawyers in order to pursue success. 
  • Providing Legal Guidance: Local and state laws regarding renting can occasionally be confusing. It is our goal to help demystify them, and to make sure that you aren’t making any legal missteps. 
  • Assisting with Property Maintenance: Property maintenance can be tedious, and many property owners simply don’t have the time or experience to handle everything themselves. We work with local vendors in order to handle any problems and save you money. 

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Sun Stone Property Management is dedicated to assisting you with your property. Feel confident that your property is in good hands; call now in order to speak to our professionals. Let us help make your life a little easier.
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  • Tariq Raffy Avatar
    Tariq Raffy
    - Google

    Very responsive and Proffesional!

    - Google

    Great service has been helping me manage a few of... read more

    Sean bryant Avatar
    Sean bryant
    - Google

    Professional..The Do what they say...I would recommend them...Honest..

    Jose Garnica Avatar
    Jose Garnica
    - Google

    Great doing business with the people at Sun Stone Property... read more

  • Very responsive and Proffesional!

    Tariq Raffy
  • Professional..The Do what they say...I would recommend them...Honest..

    Sean bryant
  • Great doing business with the people at Sun Stone Property Management! Being a recent college graduate It was hard to... read more

    Jose Garnica
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